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An "Ives Certified Trainer" refers to an individual who has completed a certification process through Ives Training & Compliance Group Inc., a company that specializes in providing safety training for various industries, including construction, warehousing, manufacturing, and more. This certification indicates that the trainer is qualified to teach and certify others in the operation of specific types of equipment or in compliance with safety standards and regulations pertinent to certain industries.

Ives Training & Compliance Group offers programs on a wide range of topics, such as forklift operation, aerial lift operation, loader training, and more. Their training programs are designed to meet and exceed local and national safety standards and regulations. By becoming an Ives Certified Trainer, an individual is recognized as having the knowledge, skills, and credentials to effectively deliver training sessions that can help organizations ensure their employees are competent in operating equipment safely and are compliant with occupational health and safety laws.

These trainers play a critical role in promoting workplace safety by educating employees about proper operating procedures, risk identification, and accident prevention strategies. This not only helps in reducing workplace accidents and injuries but also contributes to creating a safety-conscious work environment.

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MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) Training

  • Understanding Manufacturers Manuals

  • Being Aware of Safety Regulations, Hazard Awareness and Specific Unit Capabilities/Limitations

  • Being Familiar with Pre-Use Inspections and Machine Functions

  • Thorough Hands-On Training to be Comfortable and Workplace Qualified

Standard Forklift and Telehandler Training

  • Theory Portion Covers the Workbook given before the In-Person Course.  Reviewing Equipment Regulations, Workplace Regulations, Manufacturers Instructions, Machine Specifications/Limits, Hazard Awareness, Stability Factors, Job Preparation and Safe Operation.

  • Hands-On Portion Covers the Pre-Use Inspection, Workplace Inspection, Understanding Machine Specific Control Functions, Maneuverability and Safe Material Handling.


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