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Pilon Tool Rentals is an authorized dealer of ECHO. We offer a wide product line of ECHO equipment in Courtenay for you. If you’re looking for expert assistance when purchasing ECHO products, look no further than Pilon Tool Rentals.

ECHO is a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacture of professional-grade, hand-held outdoor power equipment for both the commercial and homeowner markets. Renowned for innovation, reliability, and durability, ECHO's extensive product line includes chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and a variety of other landscaping tools designed to empower users to tackle a wide range of outdoor tasks with ease. What sets ECHO apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and performance, underscored by a robust engineering process and the use of premium materials. Each ECHO product is engineered with precision and built to perform under the harshest conditions, ensuring that users can count on their tools to deliver exceptional results every time. With ECHO, professionals and enthusiasts alike have access to top-tier equipment that enhances productivity, reduces effort, and transforms outdoor work into a more manageable and enjoyable experience.

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We are an authorized seller of a variety of ECHO equipment, including:

  • Walk-behind mowers

  • Automowers

  • Trimmers/Handheld

  • Chainsaws

  • Blowers

Come in today to talk to an expert and to see our wide line of ECHO equipment. If you’re looking to purchase a lawn mower or garden equipment, check out our sales page now.


Contact us if you’re looking to purchase premier ECHO equipment.

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