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Pilon Tool Rentals is an authorized dealer of Husqvarna. We offer a wide product line of Husqvarna equipment in Courtenay for you. If you’re looking for expert assistance when purchasing Husqvarna products, look no further than Pilon Tool Rentals.

Husqvarna stands at the forefront of outdoor power equipment innovation, offering an extensive range of high-quality products for forestry, lawn, and garden care. Known for its rich heritage that combines over 330 years of engineering prowess with a passion for performance, Husqvarna provides professionals and homeowners with tools that are not only powerful but also designed with sustainability and user-friendliness in mind. Their product lineup includes a versatile range of chainsaws, robotic lawn mowers, trimmers, and garden tractors, all engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both daily professional use and discerning homeowners. What truly sets Husqvarna apart is its dedication to advancing technology with user-centric solutions, such as their pioneering battery series for quieter, cleaner, and more efficient power tools. By choosing Husqvarna, customers are not just purchasing a tool; they're investing in cutting-edge equipment that brings together unmatched performance, durability, and a commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring that every task is completed with precision and care.

We are an authorized seller of a variety of Husqvarna equipment, including:

  • Yard tractors

  • Walk-behind mowers

  • Automowers

  • Trimmers/Handheld

  • Chainsaws

Come in today to talk to an expert and to see our wide line of Husqvarna equipment. If you’re looking to purchase a lawn mower or garden equipment, check out our sales page now.


Contact us if you’re looking to purchase premier Husqvarna equipment.

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